The venue is starting to take shape

The Organisers behind Herning2022 have now started the actual build-up of the entire venue in Herning in preparation for the FEI World Championships.

Foto: Herning 2022

Inside the large exhibition halls, several functions are already beginning to take shape, e.g. the press center for the many accredited photographers and journalists is ready.

And the special volunteer hotel, which is built inside Hall C, is ready to welcome volunteers from around the world. Almost 300 double rooms have been established inside the exhibition hall. 

Outside, a stadium is being built from scratch. BB Horse Arena, which forms the framework for the World Championship in Para-dressage, is already in the works. This stadium, with an associated warm-up arena, will be completed on 20th of July. 

Photo: Herning 2022

The large multi-arena, Jysk Bank Boxen, is to be converted into a competition arena and warm-up areas for vaulting. It is planned to be ready for the Championships on 24th of July.

The football stadium, Stutteri Ask Stadium, is the last arena to be ready for action. In the days from 23rd- 31st of July, the football stadium will be transformed into an equestrian stadium in a class of its own, ready to receive Dressage and Showjumpers. 

The first horses are expected to move into the stables on 2nd of August. 

Skibby HC is the “Official footing supplier” and more than 36,000 m2 of sand must be laid at a depth of 12 cm, corresponding to more than 5 large football fields of competition arenas, warm-up, and training arenas. 

The sand has been carefully selected and is arriving from Sweden. 

After more than 2 years of planning and preparation, the team behind Herning2022 is looking forward to getting started with the practical work.