Daniel Bachmann Andersen – profile

Daniel Bachmann Andersen is one of Denmark’s best dressage riders and has with Blue Hors Zack, Blue Hors Don Olymbrio, and Blue Hors Zepter ridden his way to the top of the dressage sport.

The early years

Daniel Bachmann Andersen (b. 1990) started riding at the age of 7 in his hometown Hammel. But at the age of 10, his interest really took off when he met former Olympic rider Morten Thomsen, who had just been to the Sydney Olympics.

For the next 6 years, Daniel Bachmann Andersen came daily to Morten Thomsen’s stables and also started to start Morten’s horses in competitions. He helped Daniel Bachmann Andersen to Germany at the age of 16 as an apprentice rider with the Danish national trainer Rudolf Zeilinger.

Daniel Bachmann Andersen og Fanalino during training. Foto: Zibrasport/Britt Carlsen

Success with Blue Hors Zack

It took 6 years in Germany before Daniel Bachmann Andersen would move back to Denmark with his diploma and was soon employed in some of the big dressage stables. Especially when he got the job as first rider at Blue Hors at Randbøl his career took off, and it led to several international top placings on Zack, Zepter and Don Olymbrio, and many more. He was in the top 10 of the world rankings several times,

In 2019, Daniel and Zack won the Danish Championship in dressage. 2 months later in August 2019, Daniel Bachmann Andersen was on the Danish team that finished 5th at the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam and also qualified Denmark for the Tokyo Olympics.

Daniel Bachmann Andersen is known for always caring about the welfare of the horses and his always professional attitude.

Daniel Bachmann Andersen og Marshall Bell. DM 2020. Foto: Zibrasport/Britt Carlsen

Master of his own house

In 2020, Daniel Bachmann Andersen resigned from his position as head rider after five years at Blue Hors to start his own business. Today, he runs Bachmann Dressage from the beautiful Kleppenhus in East Jutland and has several talented horses on the way to continuing his international career. From May 1st, 2022, however, the business will be moved to the stunning Julianelyst near Horsens.

In addition to training his own and clients’ horses, he also teaches, Daniel is married to Norwegian dressage rider Tiril Bachmann Andersen, and together they have two children.

Daniel now has many new exciting Grand Prix horses on the way. He won bronze at the Danish Championship in 2021 with Marshall-Bell and has great results on both Fanalino and Carso’ni. Also Zippo M.I and Zac Efron is exciting prospects for the future.

World Championships in Herning with Marshall-Bell

Even though Marshall-Bell has got a new owner in Austrian Nicola Ahorner, we get to see the beautiful equipage together one last time when they compete at the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning in August. The two qualified for the championships together, and luckily, Nicola and her family have decided to let Daniel and Marshall-Bell finish what they started together.

Together with the Danish national dressage team, they wrote history at the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning 2022, when after Sunday’s team final they could stand on top of the podium and hang the gold medal around their necks. Daniel and Marshall-Bell rode in the team competition to (76.584%)

In addition, they were also able to ride to a great 8th place in both the Grand Prix Special (76.520%) and Grand Prix Freestyle (83.464%)

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Daniel Bachmann and Marshall-Bell at the Danish Championship 2021