Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

On this side you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us via email or by calling within our business hours. You can see more contact information by going to the contact page.

I just bought access this afternoon – why can’t I see it in the stream this morning? (Can’t I see clips after purchasing access?)

The clips that have been streamed are only available live, and otherwise they will be available in our archive the week after the event.

Buying Video Clips?

If you want to buy a clip / ride from our productions, please send an email to Enter in the email as much information as possible about the clip you want – the more information we have, the easier we can help. For example, information may be: Which sport / event is involved? What date is it recorded? What part of the competition / class? Which practitioner? Clip time code? Prices per clips for private: (can only be used for private non-commercial purposes on eg own website and SoMe) A ride costs DKK 300 (whether jumping or dressage) and a ride is defined from the horse gets a start signal to the program / track is completed. Premium Members receive a 50% discount on the clip. Other than a ride: 10 – 19 minutes: 750, – DKK 20 minutes and up: 1,000, – DKK.

Can I use my code on more than one device?

No – a code can only be used on a device, except in shared networks. If you are on the same network, you can use it on both a computer and an iPad, but if you are in two different locations, two codes must be purchased.

It doesn’t work on my Chromecast – why not?

We are not yet 100% compatible with Chromecast – The following is a guide to using Zibrasport with Chromecast. If you are on a Mac or PC, just use the Chrome browser and it will work fully. (Does not work with Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer). If you are on an Android phone, just open settings, tap connected devices -> cast -> select your device. The screen of your android will now appear on your TV. If you are using an iPhone, use the Google Home app. You just open the app and tap on the “cast” icon and which cast device you want to use. The screen of your iPhone will now appear on your TV.

Why can’t I see your content in the browser on my smart TV?

Smart TV providers are unable to update their browsers, which is why they are not compatible with our website. Therefore, in some cases there will be trouble streaming directly from his TV.

I can’t make it work in Internet Explorer, why not?

Zibrasport no longer supports Internet Explorer as development on this platform has stopped. We recommend using either Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari.