Jeanna Högberg – profile

Jeanna Högberg is a Swedish rider representing the national dressage team. Throughout her career, she has achieved impressive results and has been part of Helgstrand Dressage since 2020.

The experienced Swedish dressage rider Jeanna Högberg (b. 1982) grew up at a farm where she started riding at the age of 7. After a year, she went from being a show jumper to a dressage rider even though she enjoyed jumping. However, after falling off the horse a few times while jumping, her mother decided that Jeanna should put her focus on dressage instead. That decision turned into an impressive career for Jeanna.

Since being a pony rider, Jeanna has successfully competed and achieved great results. For example, she was part of the Swedish team that won a bronze medal at the European Championships. She is a versatile rider who thrives educating young horses just as much as Grand Prix horses. Throughout the years, her talent has led to several finals at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses as well as a 1st place in 2021 with Hesselhøj Downtown.

Impressive results

Besides the aforementioned results, Jeanna’s prizes count two gold medals as a pony rider at the Swedish Championships, three additional gold medals at the Swedish Championships, and she was also part of the winning Nations Cup team in Falsterbo and Uggerhalne in 2018. Moreover, she has won Breeders Trophy nothing less than seven times! Jeanna has a strong reputation in the equestrian world which has led to several nominations at Morgendagens Vinder (The winner of tomorrow) by the Swedish federation as well as a nomination for Årets Komet (Comet of the year) by Tidningen Ridesport.

Moving to Denmark

Jeanna Högberg ran her own stable in Sweden until 2020 when Andreas Helgstrand convinced her to move to Denmark with her family to become a rider at Helgstrand Dressage. This move turned out to be an exciting journey with new opportunities for Jeanna. At the World Championships in Herning August 2022, she will be part of the Swedish team of dressage riders with Astoria.

Jeanna and the world famous Lorenzo

In 2021, Jeanna took over a real worldclass star, Lorenzo, who was previously ridden by Severo Jurado Lopez and participated in the Olympics. Though Jeanna took over Lorenzo with awe and a bit of nerves, they had an absolutely amazing debut as they got more than 74% in GPS and more than 72% i GP at their first competitions together.