Jens-Lasse Dokkan – profile

Jens-Lasse Dokkan (b. 1961) is a Norwegian Grade I para-dressage rider with no less than seven Paralympics on his resume. He was born with cerebral palsy and began riding at the age of four as therapy riding.

Jens-Lasse was just 29 years old when he won his first championship medal, as he took bronze at the 1990 Norwegian Championships and continued to with 14 medals more at the national championships from 1990-2009.

Jens-Lasse has also been victorious at the major international championships where he has been a regular competitor. He won individual silver at the European Championships in 2005, 2009, and 2011, where he also won bronze, and double gold in 2019.

At the World Equestrian Games, Jens-Lasse competed and won bronze in Lexington, 2010, and participated in 2014 in Caen. He has competed at every Paralympic Games since 1996 in Atlanta, winning three bronze medals at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics and individual silver plus team bronze at the 2008 Games in Hong Kong.