Karla Dyhm-Junge – profile

Karla Dyhm-Junge is a Danish para-dressage rider representing Denmark in grade III.

18-years-old Karla Dyhm-Junge has been riding for 15 years already but it was not written in the stars that she would end up as the talented rider that she is today. Due to a back injury, she was likely to end up in a wheelchair from an early age which is why she competes in para-dressage. However, thanks to riding, Karla is still walking to this day.

“The horse walk is the best way to imitate the walk of humans. So, if you are having troubles with your back, the best thing to do is to start riding”, Karla has stated.

Riding has not only contributed to Karla’s mobility. It has also led to amazing results for her since she debuted as a para-dressage rider back in 2018 at the Danish Championships. For example, her amazing performances at the Danish Championships in 2021 which gave her the title for U25 riders.

In August this year, Karla Dyhm-Junge will be a World Championship rider as well as she has been selected to represent the Danish para-dressage team when the ECCO FEI World Championships take place in Herning. Karla will be riding her beautiful Miss Daisy.

Karla Dyhm-Junge and Miss Daisy. Photo: Zibrasport Equest

Team silver at Herning 2022

When the World Championships took place in Herning in August 2022, Karla Dyhm-Junge and the Danish para-national team could stand on the podium after the team final and receive their well-deserved silver medal. With her great 73.294%, Karla helped to secure Denmark another World Championship medal.