Despite his young age, the jumping talent Konstantin Deeken Künnemann (born 1998) has managed to create a successful career for himself in international showjumping.

Learning years in Germany

After finishing primary school, Konstantin took the leap to Germany, where he worked for Sören and Charlotte Von Rönne for two years. A time he himself describes as a turning point in his career and the best years of his life.

European Show Jumping Championships 2021 led to own business

As the youngest rider on the senior national team for the 2021 European Championships, Konstantin Künnemann helped secure Denmark’s best results to date with an 8th place overall. Since then, his own business has taken off and he and his girlfriend, Astrid Lund Wisholm, have decided to start their own business.

AK’s Crowney

It’s hard to mention Konstantin without also mentioning the great horse AK’s Crowney. A horse Konstantin has known from foal, as the family has bred the shining superjumper after Cartani. The now 14-year-old gelding was broken in by Konstantin himself, with help from Adam Sparlund Olesen, when they were 11-12 years old.

Konstantin says of the horse: “He is naturally cautious, does everything and always tries his best. I’m a bit more comfortable riding him because he really wants to. And it fits between the ears.”

While Konstantin was in Germany with Charlotte and Sören von Rönne, it was his father Andreas Künnemann who rode the horse. He was also the one who debuted AK’s Crowney at advanced level, but now it’s Konstantin who has taken over the horse, and he’s not giving it up any time soon.

Want to know more about Konstantin?

The renowned website World of Showjumping has on January 6th this year made an article about Konstantin, it can be read here.

Konstantin Deeken Künnemann & Ak’s Crowney at Equitour Denmark 2021