Peder Fredricson – profile

Swedish rider Peder Fredricson (b. 1972) has shown time and time again that he is one of show jumping’s absolute top athletes, and with a long list of top results behind him, he has been at the top of the world rankings for month after month.

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From af horse-family

Born into a horse-loving family, Peder Fredricson began his riding career at the age of 5. His father, Ingvar Fredricson, is a veterinarian and his brother, Jens Fredricson, is also an experienced rider and part of the Swedish national show jumping team.

Grevlunda and horses on canvas

Peder is educated as a graphic designer and besides riding, he also creates paintings, logos, and graphic profiles. He has designed the FEI pictograms for the seven international disciplines. 

Peder Fredricson lives at Grevlundagården just outside Kivik on Österlen in Sweden. The farm, which used to be an orchard, is now an Olympic training stable for horses and riders. Peder lives here with his wife, Olympic rider Lisen Bratt-Fredricson, and their three children.

FEI Pictograms designed by Fredricson.

Olympic rider since 1992

Before he was an international show jumper, Peder Fredricson competed at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona in eventing at the age of just 20. Since then he chose to show his versatility and switched discipline to show jumping, where we know him from today. From there he was able to turn his love of horses into a professional, international career and has since competed at a number of Olympic Games and other major championships.


An impressive list of results behind him includes several top Olympic placings. He won the team silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, where he also finished fourth in the individual competition. In Rio 2016 he won an individual silver medal as the only rider to clear all six rounds. Most recently, he won team gold in Tokyo 2020, where he also regained the individual silver medal from Rio 2016.

Peder Fredricson & All In in Tokyo 2020. Foto:

All In and barefoot

H&M All In, colloquially known as “Allan”, is to Fredricson what Cassidy is to Dufour, what Big Star was to Nick Skelton and Bella Rose was to Werth. Fredricson took over the reins of the little fighter in 2013, and it was the start of an amazing partnership.

In many ways, the amazing duo has attracted a lot of attention, not only because of their incredible performances on the course but also because of Peder’s choice to ride barefoot.

Results from major championships

Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place 2020 Tokyo Team jumping
Silver medal – second place 2004 Athens Team jumping
Silver medal – second place 2016 Rio de Janeiro Individual jumping
Silver medal – second place 2020 Tokyo Individual jumping

World Championships
Silver medal – second place 2018 Tryon Team jumping
Gold medal – first place 2022 Herning Team jumping

European Championships
Gold medal – first place 2017 Gothenburg Individual jumping
Silver medal – second place 2017 Gothenburg Team jumping
Bronze medal – third place 2021 Riesenbeck Individual jumping

Historic gold at Herning 2022

When Denmark hosted the ECCO FEI World Championships this year, the Swedish spectators turned out in force to support the talented Swedish national show jumping team, and there was no shortage of celebration as they stepped to the top of the podium and received the gold medal after the team final – for the first time ever! Peder Fredricson and the fantastic H&M All In once again helped to ensure that the gold was safely in the Swedes’ hands.

Watch more of Peder Fredricson and the life at Grevlunda in the video below