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Swiss Olympic rider Steve Guerdat (b. 1982) is one of the world’s leading showjumpers, with a string of top results to his name and several times at the top of the FEI world rankings.

Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards at World Cup Final 2020 foto: © FEI /Richard Julliart

The early years

Steve Guerdat was born and raised in Switzerland. He is the son of former professional showjumper and current Chef d’equipe for Brazil, Philippe Guerdat. Steve started riding at the age of 9, and with his talent and hard work, has now been able to establish his name as one of show jumping’s absolute top names. Since his junior years he has been an important part of the Swiss national show jumping team.

A call from Holland

In 2002, Guerdat started working for former showjumper and well-known horse dealer Jan Tops in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. The years in Holland gave Steve some experience in the big competitions, including the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, where the Swiss team finished 5th, and at the European Championships in 2003 and 2005.

During his time in Valkenswaard, Steve Guerdat became the youngest member of the Global Top 20 and participated in his first Top 10 final in 2008.

After just over three years in the Netherlands, Guerdat moved back to Switzerland, where he still resides today. In the years that followed, his career took an upward turn as a number of good horses entered the stable. One of them was Jalisca Solier, who, according to Steve, changed his life for the better.

London 2012

Another great horse that helped to really put Steve’s name down in equestrian history was Nino des Buissonnets. Nino entered the stables in Switzerland in 2011 and just a year later the pair were Olympic champions at the London 2012 Games. Guerdat was the only rider to come through the last two decisive rounds clear and thus realise his greatest dream.

Top results
World Cup Finals winner 2015, 2016 & 2019
Top 10 Final winner 2010 & 2018
European Team Champion 2009 & 2021
Olympic Champion 2012 

Earlier this year, Danish show jumper Sophia Studd, who has lived in the US all her life, landed in Switzerland where she will train with Steve Guerdat as a working student.

In his private life, Steve Guerdat is married to the French showjumper Fanny Skalli, together they have their daughter Ella.

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