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Finale Danish Championship – S4* (160 cm), 2021

The final in the Senior Danish Championship 2021, S4* (160 cm), B12, Presented by Jyske Bank. August 8th, 2021.Result of class:1) Lars Nørgaard Pedersen – BØGEGÅRDEN GLADIOLA 1-(1.0)/74.36-22) Tina Lund – CENTINA 10 4-(0.0)/71.95-43) Martin Mose Knudsen – CI BEAU ASK 5-(0.0)/71.97-54) Kasper H. Hansen, – CONTADOR 4-(4.0)/72.15-84) Kristian Skovrider – NOW AND EVER 0-(8.0)/72.74-86)...

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