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5-year old Jumping horses 2. round – Blue Hors 2021

5- year old Jumpinghorses 2. round at the Pavo and DRFs Championship for young horses, Friday October 15, 2021 at Blue Hors, Denmark. Top 81) Karen Møller Rohde, Fyens Rideklub – EVOLUTION ASK DWB (8.8)-(0.0)/55.86-8.81) Louise Stenvang, Hestehavens Rideklub – LUNA ASK (8.8)-(0.0)/56.86-8.83) Lars Nørgaard Pedersen, DEN – CC UNITED (8.7)-(0.0)/56.26-8.73) Rikke Haastrup Kristensen, Lykkegaard...

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