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LA2** (120 cm.), 2. round, Riders Cup, May 2021

Sunday May 2nd 2021, Riders Cup national show with Walber Cup.Class 14B – LA2** (120 cm) B4 Top 51) Jeff Paw Nielsen, Kjellerup Sportsrideklub – ERICA 0-0/31.722) Clara Roesgaard Kristensen, Bækgaarden Sportsrideklub – CAPPUCINO PR 0-0/33.513) Elisabeth Salhøj Rask, Kjellerup Sportsrideklub – DEE JAY LINDEBJERG DWB 0-0/34.564) Louise Fjord Kjærsgaard, Sportsrideklubben – KAMMERHERRE GÅRDENS LEX...

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