For the first time in Denmark ever, Denmark is hosting the World Championships in equestrian sports. And there will be a lot to look forward to when the big FEI ECCO World Championships in dressage, jumping, parade dressage and vaulting starts in Herning. Zibrasport Equest is ready with TV studio on site, and livestream from all the classes NOT related to the World Cup.

Stutteri Ask Stadium, Arena II and Jyske Bank Boxen
In August 2022, Stutteri Ask Stadium, Arena II and Jyske Bank Boxen will be the heart of one of the world’s largest equestrian events – the World Championships in dressage, jumping, parade dressage and vaulting.

In addition to the championship competitions (WC), the event will be a cornucopia of audience experiences with scenes, experiences, side events and of course world-class equestrian sports.

The official ticket sale is underway and some ticket types are sold out. If you need to secure tickets for the best seats, then now is the time to book, the expectation is that all the tickets will be sold out, and ticket sales are already well underway.

The world’s best riders at the WC Herning
The Danish riders are already preparing for the big World Cup at home in MCH Messecenter Herning, and there are high expectations. We have some of the world’s best dressage and paradressure riders, and in both jumping and vaulting we are also at the very top.

The riders are looking forward to such a big championship on Danish soil, where in addition to sports and the battle for medals, there is also a large fair area, entertainment, competitions and much more to give the audience a world-class experience at the FEI World Championships Herning.

The main arena in Herning. Photo: Ridehesten/Herning 2022

A first class Championship sponsored by ECCO
Of course, both individual medals and medals for teams in all disciplines are ridden, and there is excitement until the last day of competition. This means that it will be two weeks with beautiful horses and skilled riders, where it all culminates with the festive award ceremonies.

Many volunteers want to be in place and ensure that the World Cup on Danish soil becomes a show that you do not just forget.

The setting will be the Exhibition Center in Herning, with new exciting stadiums for jumping and dressage, and the Boxen for the vaulters.

FEI World Championships Herning meets great support from everywhere and many partners are already part of the world championship.

The story behind the big event
Denmark has been appointed to host the ECCO FEI World Championship Herning – Denmark 2022 in jumping, dressage, parade dressage and vaulting. It will all take place in Denmark in August 2022 and will be an unforgettable event for everyone.

In November 2019, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) awarded the World Championships 2022 in jumping, dressage, paradressure and vaulting to Denmark.

As a new concept, the FEI had opened up for the nations to bid on separate disciplines instead of all 8 disciplines, and the Danish team consisting of the Danish Equestrian Federation, Herning Municipality, Sport Event Denmark and the World Cup company (Jens Trabjerg and Casper Cassøe) offered jumping, dressage, paradressure and vaulting.

The amazing showground. Photo: Herning 2022

Up and close with Zibrasport Equest
Although the event and spectator seats will bubble with life and experiences at the ECCO FEI World Championships 2022 Herning Denmark, millions of equestrian enthusiasts from all over the world will “only” be able to follow the World Cup competitions through their TV screens. But the World Cup is much more than that.

Among other things, you can experience our program Riders Corner several times a day, where our TV host, has exciting guests in the studio. You can also see all the non-championship classes at this page us. That is, all the classes that are not part of the World Cup competitions. See the program here.

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ECCO FEI World Championships / Herning 2022