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The winners found in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour part 3

We have found the winners in our latest ZyberRide event in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour, where Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen and Moisés Jover Azuar have judged the tests.
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Congratulations to the winners

The participants in Helgstrand & Zibrasport Equest Online Tour part 3 have been able to compete in two horse classes and two pony classes. It was Christina Karlsson on Treldegaards Sariccio, who with a nice result of 69,103 %, won the class and a Kingsland Relief Pad in Helgstrand Medium Tour1* (Horse), while it was Eva Kaersaa on Max Light, who made 69,444 % and won in Helgstrand Small Tour1* (Horse)  and also got a Kingsland Relief Pad.

In Helgstrand Small Tour1 (pony) it was Mathilde Kragh Thaysen at Nørlunds Fergie who snatched the victory as well as a Kingsland haybag, socks and a pocket belt with 70,517 %. Mathilde Lill on the pony Noerlund’s Lady Daniella won with 66,591 % in Helgstrand Micro Tour2* (pony), where the 1st prize is a Kingsland groom bag.

Congratulations to the placed riders

In addition to the cool prizes from Kingsland for the winners, there are also ZyberRide ribbons for Top 3, which you can see below – congratulations.

Helgstrand Medium Tour1* Hest

1st place: Christina Karlsson on Treldegaards Sariccio

2nd place: Tine Thrane on Zackery

3rd place: Tenna Bjoern Sillasen on Royalist K

3rd place: Christina Karlsson on Dillian Bellahöj

Helgstrand Small Tour1* Horse 

1st place: Eva Kaersaa on Max Light

2nd place: Mia Hofstedt Holst Nielsen on Mace The Ace Nobel W

3rd place: Zoe Löschner on Fredendals Brillant

Helgstrand Small Tour1 (pony)

1st place:  Mathilde Kragh Thaysen on Noerlunds Fergie

2nd place: Silje Moesby Ovesen on Hesselbjerges Aston Martin

3rd place: Freya Vad Winther on Marlow H

Helgstrand Micro Tour2* (pony)

1st place:  Mathilde Lill on Noerlunds Lady Daniella

2nd place: Laerke Borregaard on Soegaard Lucky Punch

See all results at Prizes and ribbons will be sent directly to the winners once we have received their addresses.

Improve your skills

ZyberRide is created by Helgstrand Dressage and Zibrasport Equest, and the purpose of the online dressage platform is to give you the opportunity to supplement your training and physical competition activity with new online options. By participating in online events, you get qualified and constructive feedback of you and your horse/pony’s performance, without having to go to a show venue.

ZyberRide offers dressage programs at different levels, where you will be judged and get good advice and feedback from some of the dressage sport’s great profiles. ZyberRide is not meant to replace physical event participation but should be seen as a supplement to your training, development, and event participation.