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More people allowed at equestrian events

As of today, the assembly ban has been raised from 50 to 100 people. This makes the running of activities in equestrian sports, including rallies, a bit easier to access, but the guidelines of the authorities must of course remain adhered to, and the recommendations of the Danish Ride Federation are also unchanged – with the exception of the change in the number of persons from 50 to 100.
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That is why we have compiled our recommendations on what precautions you can take to ensure that you can conduct and participate in equestrian events in a responsible manner. We know that our list is not exhaustive, and therefore it is expected to be updated continuously as we draw lessons from events. Therefore, you are also more than welcome to sign up for us at , with good ideas or suggestions on how to make the recommendations even sharper.

We encourage all organizers to enforce both your own and the authorities’ guidelines, and that all participants help by adhering to them. We also encourage everyone in the equestrian sport to jointly comply with the current ban on assembly of 50 people per person. event / class as well as the  health authorities’ current guidelines .

Compliance with the assembly ban of max. 100 people
As event organizers, you must be extremely aware that the max. 100 people per event / class is inclusive of everyone associated with it – that is to say riders, officials, TDs, judges, event organizers, event staff, etc. You can advantageously prepare a calculation of how many people will be associated with each class and use this as respectively. internal guidelines and documentation of any control by the police. In this context, be aware that officials may well work in several classes (for example, the same judge may well judge in several classes).

Recommendations for planning and running – event organizers
– Please read the  Ministry of Culture guidelines for the reopening of outdoor sports and associations per. June 10 (especially relevant are the sections on tournament and competition activities, as well as on the audience / participants).
– Think in ‘rides and slides’ concepts