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Show Night will be magical and enchanting

At the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning you can experience an amazing show with top performers. If you are not on showground, you can watch the show live on Zibrasport Equest.
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Stutteri Ask Stadium sets the stage for a unique and spectacular show, Show Night presented by Mustang Trailers, on the 13th of August.

The theme is Show Night and with some of the world’s best equestrian performers doing mind-blowing stunts standing on galloping horses, you will be stunned and amazed by the special bond between horses and their human partners.

The show will be full of humour with a touch of comedy and costume jumping where the riders will certainly entertain you.

Performers like Frenchman Lorenzo, who’s pushing boundaries standing on horseback, and French artist Alizee Froment with all her graze will be part of the line-up. Australian Tristan Tucker will for sure give you something to laugh about.

The whole night is one thrilling, fantastic story after another told by horses, riders, and vaulters, bound together by musical artists such as The Tivoli Youth Guard, top professional singers, and with a spectacular finish performed by Copenhagen Drummers.

If you are in Herning, don’t miss your chance to experience this spectacular show live at Stutteri Ask Stadium

 Secure your tickets right here.

If you are at home, you can watch the show on Zibrasport Equest. We will livestream all CDI and CSI classes and some sideevent and also SHOW NIGHT presented by Mustang Trailers. Watch our full streaming program by following this link

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