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Vaulting starts

“This is exactly the kind of scene, you want, when you want to show vaulting to the world”. Former vaulting world champion, Joanne Eccles, are excited about the vaulting-venue in Jyske Bank Boxen, where the championship-titles either will find a new home or stay where they are over the next five days of competition at the ECCO FEI World Championships. The spectators will be sitting like in an amphitheatre looking down on the arena from three sides.  

“This is not just an arena. This is a stage. And it’s brilliant”, Joanne Eccles says.

A show-like feeling 
American vaulter, Daniel Janes, agrees with Joanne and is looking very much forward to his first run into the arena tomorrow, in the individual competition for men at 17.30 CET. 
“I am really excited about the venue. Even though it is grand, the organisers still managed to create an intimate feeling, when you are in the arena”, he says. “And I really like the lighting, which gives the competition sort of a show-feeling and really puts the sport right in the spotlight”.  

Even though the vaulters are used to big championships, it has been a while since they have competed in a setting like the one in Jyske Bank Boxen, and they are all looking forward to the first day of competition.

The puzzle is complete 
Even though two horses did not pass horse inspection, all the vaulters will be on the starting lists in the next days. Columbian vaulters Juan Marin Clavijo and Estiven Palacio Hernandes will be competing on a French horse and a Dutch horse. While Belgian female competitor, Lauren Venlerberghe, will be competing on a Danish horse.  
It is a special thing for the vaulting world, that you can have the opportunity to borrow a horse from another nation, than your own. And it says a lot about the sport, that it is possible to help each other out, if the vaulters find themselves without a horse.

Fantastic sport in sight 
Tomorrow will be the first day of competition for the individuals and squads. And on Sunday the Pas de Deux will have their first day in the arena. Monday is the grand finale for the individuals and the squads before we head into the Nations Cup on Wednesday and the Pas de Deux finals.  


Riders and Vaulters get their own fitness center at Herning2022

The world’s best riders and Vaulters meet in Herning, Denmark for the FEI World Championships in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage and Vaulting from 6 – 14 August. Top-level equestrian sports largely require riders and Vaulters to focus on their own health and fitness, and not focus solely on the horse’s training and fitness.

Athletes can, of course, use fitness rooms at the hotels where they are accommodated, but by setting up a well-equipped fitness center on the venue, they have the possibility to train in a well-equipped fitness center when they have time, even when staying on the venue.

“We have responded to an inquiry, as the Vaulters need to be able to maintain their form during the competitions in order to practice their sport,” says Casper Cassøe, who together with Jens Trabjerg is responsible for the running of Herning2022. He continues: “We have found a professional partner in Fitness Engros A/S they are experienced and can handle the task and ensure that Herning2022 has a well-equipped fitness center for the athletes.”

“Fitness Engros A / S is very proud to be the Official Fitness & Training Equipment Supplier during the upcoming FEI World Championships,” director Brian N. Andersen says, and he continues: “Even though our name is Fitness Engros (Wholesale), we would like to be seen as an equipment supplier for a wide range of sports including equestrian sports. We see it as a great honor to be involved and to support major sporting events in Denmark. We would also like to use this event to expose Fitness Engros A/S as a supplier to the private segment, which we also have a strong focus on, via our on-line shop.”

“We look forward to furnishing a fitness room in the Jyske Bank Boxen, giving the riders the possibility to work on their own fitness during the FEI World Championships. The fitness room will be equipped with everything from treadmills, exercise bikes and a lot of functional equipment, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the riders and Vaulters to train their own body, ”concludes Brian N. Andersen from Fitness Engros A / S.