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Ticket sales opening for Herning2022

The first tickets for extraordinary experiences at the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning (DEN) 2022 will go on sale from Sunday 15th November at 12 pm.
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Denmark will host the World Championships in four equestrian disciplines from 6 – 14 August 2022 – ECCO FEI World Championships Herning Denmark. World Championship medals will be awarded in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage and Vaulting, and will take place in MCH Herning – the same location that framed the 2013 European Championships in three disciplines. The Organisers have reinvented the ticket sales, and it gives the audience the opportunity to have an additional experience at the World Championships.

”Recognizing that many would like to enjoy a little extra luxury, while following the sport closely from an ideal location, we have developed a completely new ticket system with First Class and Business Class tickets”, says Jens Trabjerg, Member of the Organising Committee.
First Class and Business Class tickets are the first and only ticket categories to be opened this year, and it will take place on 15th November at 12 pm. There are limited seats, and it is only possible to buy these tickets for a limited period.

Ticket sales are expected to fully open in March 2021 to Stutteri Ask Stadium with room for 10,000 seated spectators as well as a VIP lounge with appurtenant skyboxes.

Tickets for additional luxury
The First Class and Business Class tickets give access to a very special section at Stutteri Ask Stadium.
The First Class section at Stutteri Ask Stadium welcomes the audience via its own entrance and with exclusive toilet facilities. In the lounge attached to the seating inside the stadium, a light meal as well as beer, water, wine and coffee will be available. The facilities offer space to relax during the breaks, enjoy good company with free access to food and beverages.
The Business Class section does not have access to the lounge but has its own entrance and toilet facilities.
Both sections are in the best seating areas in the stadium with seat covers, carpets and delicious goodie bags. Tickets can be purchased as a day ticket or part card.
Read more and purchase your tickets on the website.

ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning – Denmark 2022

Four disciplines: JumpingDressage, Para Dressage and Vaulting.

MCH – The largest exhibition and experience center in Scandinavia situated in Herning forms the famework for the event, held in the Stutteri Ask Stadium, Stadion II and indoor at Jyske Bank Boxen.
6 – 14 August 2022

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