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World Championships athletes from 10 to 68 years

The ECCO FEI World Championships ranges widely when it comes to age across the four disciplines represented.
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There is for sure no recipe on how a World Championship-athlete in equestrian sport looks like or how old they are. At the championships in Herning the youngest participant is 10 years old, while the oldest is 68 years. It is 58 years age difference between the youngest and the oldest.  

It is the vaulters that represent the youngest section. Carlota Usón Jaume from Spain is only 10 years old. In dressage and para dressage, we find the oldest, because dressage rider Mary Hanna from Australia and para dressage rider Lee Frawley from Virgin Islands of the US both represent their disciplines with an age of 68 years.

Facts about age in dressage 

In dressage the age range is from 22 till 68 years. Australian Mary Hanna is the senior athlete while both Norwegian Mathilde Merethe Klaesson and Portuguese Martim Meneres is 22 years old. In dressage the age range is therefore 46 years. 

Facts about age in jumping 

In the jumping championship the youngest is American Brian Moggre, who can celebrate his birthday today. He is turning 21. The oldest rider is John Whitaker from Great Britain with his 67 years, and John is also the most experienced rider at World Championships in jumping. With 6 appearances from the past, he for sure knows what the World Championships is. The youngest man in the British team is 23-years-old Harry Charles, and the British team is therefore coming with an age range on 44 years.  

Facts about age in vaulting 

In vaulting the age difference is 33 years. The youngest is Carlota Usón Jaume, while the oldest is Todd Griffiths from the US. Todd is teamed up with his 11 years old daughter, Miriam Griffiths on the US team, and therefore the age range at the US vaulting team is 32 years.  

Facts about age in para dressage 

The youngest athlete in para dressage is 18 years old. It is Alise Muizniece from Latvia, while the oldest is 68-years-old Lee Frawley from Virgin Islands of the USA. It results in an age range on 50 years in this discipline.