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Join the trip from Blokhus to Skagen – carriage driving, the unusual way

Join the trip from Blokhus to Skagen… Mike Mihaita, who works as a rider at Helgstrand Dressage, also loves carriage driving. And in this article you can read all about his amazing trip.
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Usually he sits on a horse every single day – Mike Mihaita works at Helgstrand Dressage, where he is responsible for riding the upcoming stars at the modern sales and training center.

But Mike does not get enough horses at work. In his spare time he loves carriage driving, and together with his partner Pedro he often goes out into nature. This this year Mike had a goal of driving an from Blokhus to Skagen. – I built the carriage myself. It took me three months. I had hay, water, feed and a tent for myself in the carriage. And then I had arranged a program so Pedro did not get tired. It was important for me that he was feeling good at all times. At 6.30 he got breakfast and I started driving around 9. I drove no more than a few hours in the morning. Then he had a break, and then we drove again for a couple of hours in the afternoon.