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Another win for Fry

The prize podium once again filled up with new rising stars on young extremely talented horses. The future of dressage looks bright as both riders and horses are very gifted for the sport of dressage. Gold to British rider Charlotte Fry, silver to home rider Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour and bronze yet again to Dinja van Liere from the Netherlands. 

Dressage supernovas danced under the full moon in floodlight in the Blue Hors FEI World Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle Championship Wednesday evening. A clear sky and a warm summer breeze filled Stutteri Ask Stadium with expectations right from the start. Close to 10,000 spectators listened and watched fifteen combinations do a dressage dance to tunes of their own choosing. And the crowd was on fire right from the start, their support would lift up a number of combinations but also prove to be too much of a challenge for a chosen few.   

Many riders performed at their very best level during the last class in dressage of ECCO FEI World Championship in Herning. In total 13 out of 15 combinations scored over 80 percent and that speaks volumes about the quality of the whole class. 

Swedish rider Patrik Kittel and Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen took their 10-year-old horses to new heights finishing on 7th and 8th place respectively. They even overtook Isabell Werth on DSP Quantaz performing to classic pop tunes, doing a piaffe pirouette to “It’s a heartache” by Bonnie Tyler and finishing om 10th place. 

Adrienne Lyle and stallion Salvino looked sharper and sharper day by day and really rocked the Stutteri Ask Stadium enjoying the interaction with the crowd. Gareth Hughes made his best ride to date with Classic Briolinca and finished 5th in the freestyle, his best placing as an individual.  

Benjamin Werndl has gained a lot of praise for his smooth harmonious riding and even if he ended up in what some refer to as the worst placing, being number 4, he and Famoso have enjoyed their first taste of senior championships and will aim for more.  

Gold medallist Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale rode to a very crowd-pleasing potpourri of pop songs, rocking every step down the centre line. The black stallion has a canter with immense lift and airtime, showing off in extensions and tempi changes as well as piaffe and passage and trot extension – the list of quality movement never end. The judged rewarded their ride with 90.654 percent.  

Dinja van Liere and Hermés were performing to the cheer of the crowd and the stallion was coping like a really experienced dressage horse showing of his talent and quality gaits. When reaching the finishing line, Dinja threw her fist in the air; We really did it. With 86,90 percent it was enough for yet another bronze medal. 

Last to go was Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour and her lovely pocket rocket Vamos Amigos. They rode their floorplan with really high difficulty to the theme from Les Misérables and showed their fluency, softness and perfect collection in movement by movement. The audience followed her last lines with rhythmic applause and if there had been a roof on the Stutteri Ask Stadium by her graceful last halt – it would have blown right off. A good ride, nearly perfect, 89.411 percent and a silver medal to bring home.  

A supernova has risen in the sky in Herning, her name is Charlotte Fry and her steed is a black stallion named Glamourdale. 


Stars sparkling under the floodlight

There was open arena training under the huge four corner floodlights as preparation for the 15 best dressage combinations in the peak of the dressage championships – the freestyle. Blue Hors FEI World Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle Championship presented by Helgstrand starts at 20:00 and finishes with a celebration, the prize giving and the medal ceremony at 23:00. 

The last challenge for the 15 best dressage combinations in the world championships will be conducted under a slowly darkening sky, bringing an added layer of ambience when their performances re combined with a musical element. The freestyle is often compared to the Olympic discipline ice dance where the skaters compose their own program and choose their music. In the freestyle horse and rider dance together and perform the dressage movements in a pattern of their choosing, adding flow and complexity in accordance with their skill level.  

At its best – freestyle can bring out emotions even from hearts cast in stone and the start list for the world championship finale contain a number of combinations with the right skillset.  

The sold-out stadium will be at boiling point under the floodlights when dressage stars from home nation Denmark alongside with Great Britain, The Netherlands and Sweden set out to rock the spectators out of their seats. 

Prepare to be amazed, by sunset the music will be flowing in Stutteri Ask Stadium.  

See the startlist here


Dutch team in dressage lead

The first day of Grand Prix Dressage and the Team Championship has brought in the crowds to the ECCO FEI World Championship in Herning. To huge applause and enthusiastic cheering, the best team riders did the final passage line up to do a final salute in front of judge at C Mr Christof Umbach (LUX).  

First rider of the day to really rock Stutteri Ask Stadium was Danish rider Nanna Merrald Rasmussen on the national treasure Blue Hors Zack, world championship contender with two Danish riders. She showed the famous breeding stallion to a personal best score of 76.724 percent. The audience followed her all the way from the centre line piaffe and through the passage into a halt where Nanna really gave a wide smile; We did well! 

German team debutante Ingrid Klimke started with a strong result on Franziskus giving the reigning world champions a good kickstart. Her teammate and fellow first-time championship rider Benjamin Werndl took elegant classic looker Famoso OLD through an arena filled with atmosphere and managed to nail a personal best. All accompanied by applause down the Centre line. In total team Germany is second. 

Second team rider from the home nation Denmark was Carina Cassøe Krüth on the beautiful mare Heiline’s Danciera did a great job and took home 76.863 to add to the team score. Although it did not make them over night leader it is strong to have a drop score of over 76 percent.  
“It is a combination of several years of training and building up expectations to this event. I feel that a lot of things have come together in the last months”, said a very pleased and happy Carina Cassøe Krüth. 

The most impressive ride of the day making the Netherlands the over-night leader was last year’s fastest rising star on the dressage scene – Dinja van Liere on the beautiful and elegant stallion Hermès. They entered the arena and performed beautifully in the Stutteri Ask Stadium showing off the stallions rhythmic piaffe and beautiful tempis. Together with Dinja van Liere the bay stallion, by the same sire as the Olympic champion TSF Dalera BB, they scored 78,835 percent. 
“Hermes gave me a good feeling even if I was nervous. He is so talented with piaffe and passage although we today had a few things that of course can be improved. I really look forward to showing again on Monday”, said a relieved and proud Dinja van Liere. 

The competition about the team medals continues on Sunday in the Blue Hors FEI World Dressage Team Championship Grand Prix. 

On the start list for Saturday was initially 46 combinations with 19 teams in the line-up. The Australian rider Mary Hanna had to withdraw ahead of the competition. With three riders still on the team Australia is continuing as a team. Two riders were eliminated during or after their ride by the judges or at tack control.  

Link to intermediate individual results  

Link to intermediate team results

Judges in today’s competition, seven judges serve on championships 


K – Anne Gribbons (USA) 

E – Susanne Baarup (DEN) 

H – Peter Storr (GBR) 

C – Christof Umbach (LUX) 

M – Elke Ebert (GER) 

B – Mariette Sanders – v. Gansewinkel (NED) 

F – Raphaël Saleh (FRA) 


David Hunt (GBR) 

Mary Seefried (AUS) 

Henk van Bergen (NED)