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National Federations join forces with Herning2022 by offsetting CO2-emissions

Herning2022 has turned the approach to sustainability upside down. Instead of apologising for the CO2-emissions that such an event unavoidably will emit, the focus is on putting a positive imprint on the world.

To inspire and include the 50 National Federations participating in the FEI World Championships, they have all been invited to help offset the event and support the green transition by supporting a sustainable project chosen by Herning2022 and its partner First Climate.

– We want to create lasting positive impacts, and we can’t do that alone. We are very happy to see, that so many of the National Federations are supporting us in this agenda, and we are proud to feature them on our different channels and acknowledge their commitment when they join us in our ambition to make this event more sustainable, says Jens Trabjerg, one of the Organisers.

National Federations are a part of the solution

It is voluntary whether the National Federations will join, but there has been great interest, and the Federations can join right up until the last competitions have been completed.

– This is our planet, and we must all be a part of the solution. We are so grateful for the support and backing we have received for this initiative. Every day new federations register Jens Trabjerg says.

The climate protection project supported by Herning2022 is a wind power project in Northwestern Turkey. The wind farm is located in the hills along the Marmara Sea coast, an area with ideal conditions for sustainable electricity generation from wind power. The project has 35 wind turbines that provide more than 100,000 people per year with clean electricity. The project has been certified by the internationally recognized Gold Standard.

Herning2022 is the contracting partner and will provide each National Federation with a certificate testifying that they have contributed to compensation of the CO2-emissions from the World Championships.

Visitors and spectators can join

The project has been chosen by Herning2022 and First Climate, which is a leading global provider of carbon management and green energy services for corporate and public sector clients. They develop, finance, and source verified emission reduction projects around the globe to assist companies in reducing their carbon footprint.

– We are delighted to work with such a large-scale sporting event, particularly because Herning2022 set very precise sustainability goals from day one. We appreciate the Herning2022 organizers’ strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and working on many different sustainable solutions. It shows that everybody can take small steps and make a difference, Laura Ann Lüdtke, First Climate, says.

At Herning2022 it is possible to meet First Climate.

– As a first in events, we offer our guests the possibility to compensate for their transport to the event. They just visit First Climate in Solution Square and follow their instructions, Jens Trabjerg says.

Solution Square is an area in EquiPark – the event area – dedicated to green solutions.

– We hope that it can create even more of a “ripple effect” as part of our ambition – both for the individuals, nations and for future event organisers.

Facts about sustainability at Herning2022

ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 will be held from 6 to 14 August 2022.

There will be competitions in four disciplines: Dressage, Jumping, Para-Dressage, and Vaulting.

The Organising Committee behind the Championships in addition to VM Herning 2022 ApS, are also the public partners, Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality, and Dansk Ride Forbund (Danish Riding Association).

Herning2022 works with sustainability on several levels:


Herning2022 will create a new benchmark for sustainability at major sporting events.

3 principles of sustainability

  1. Seek positive ripple effects
  2. Think circular
  3. Engage all suppliers in a dialogue on sustainability.

Examples of initiatives

  • Easily accessible off-setting solutions for the participants of these World Championships, and as inspiration for future sports events
  • Collaboration with MCH Exhibition Herning on waste management and sorting (10 fractions) and catering
  • Materials are rented to the extent it is possible. Many of the things produced for the event will be used by riding schools to secure a circular afterlife.
  • Judge towers are made of recycled and/or FSC-certified wood in collaboration with a local production school and are guaranteed an after-life
  • The World Championship Forest as a 21-acre permanent legacy for Herning2022

Read more about Herning2022 and the sustainability efforts on

The venue is starting to take shape

Inside the large exhibition halls, several functions are already beginning to take shape, e.g. the press center for the many accredited photographers and journalists is ready.

And the special volunteer hotel, which is built inside Hall C, is ready to welcome volunteers from around the world. Almost 300 double rooms have been established inside the exhibition hall. 

Outside, a stadium is being built from scratch. BB Horse Arena, which forms the framework for the World Championship in Para-dressage, is already in the works. This stadium, with an associated warm-up arena, will be completed on 20th of July. 

Photo: Herning 2022

The large multi-arena, Jysk Bank Boxen, is to be converted into a competition arena and warm-up areas for vaulting. It is planned to be ready for the Championships on 24th of July.

The football stadium, Stutteri Ask Stadium, is the last arena to be ready for action. In the days from 23rd- 31st of July, the football stadium will be transformed into an equestrian stadium in a class of its own, ready to receive Dressage and Showjumpers. 

The first horses are expected to move into the stables on 2nd of August. 

Skibby HC is the “Official footing supplier” and more than 36,000 m2 of sand must be laid at a depth of 12 cm, corresponding to more than 5 large football fields of competition arenas, warm-up, and training arenas. 

The sand has been carefully selected and is arriving from Sweden. 

After more than 2 years of planning and preparation, the team behind Herning2022 is looking forward to getting started with the practical work. 

Skibby HC A/S lays the footing for the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning

ECCO FEI World Championships Herning (DEN) will be held in August of 2022, and the event is going to be the largest international equestrian championship ever held in Denmark. Although still awaiting confirmation, it’s most probable that the competitions in Jumping and Dressage will include the qualifications for the 2024 Paris Olympic.

The World Championships are conducted in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage and Vaulting in August 2022, and arenas corresponding five football pitches must be established on the extensive outdoor area at MCH – exhibition and experience center Herning. The Danish company Skibby HC A/S, based in Zealand, has been appointed as official supplier of the footing for all equestrian arenas at the championships.

– We are very pleased with our collaboration with Skibby HC with whom we have had a very satisfactory four-year collaboration on the arenas for the stallion licensing in Herning and the World Cup in Herning. It has been of major importance in the process that both the product and the collaboration turned out right, say Casper Cassøe who is co-organiser of the event together with Jens Trabjerg.

Show arenas must be built in the Stutteri Ask Stadium, in arena II outside the stadium and inside the Jyske Bank Boxen. In addition, several warm-up and training arenas will be made available all over the showgrounds. Riding arenas covering an area of a total of 36,000 m2 need to be established. 

– We are very proud to be chosen as ”Official footing supplier” for Herning2022, and we are very much looking forward to the collaboration with Casper Cassøe and Jens Trabjerg and not least our partner Otto Arena Systems GmbH, Janus Haubroe from Skibby HC A/S states.
– We have seen that everyone is standing together in many ways which is particularly pleasing in these difficult times, and we really look forward to the World Championships in August 2022, concludes Casper Cassøe. 

Skibby HC A/S is a dealer of the world-renowned Otto Arena Systems GmbH, which is one of the largest suppliers of riding arenas in the world. Otto Arena Systems manufactures i.a. the world’s most widely used riding arena mats.
A close collaboration with Otto Arena Systems has enabled Skibby HC A/S to submit their bid.
According to scientific studies, the Otto perforated mat absorbs up to 40% of the impact energy from the horses’ hooves, and this protects the horse’s locomotor system.This mat is the only one in the world that has a scientifically proven effect, according to the supplier.