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Mansur not accepted for the final

To safeguard the welfare for the horses there is not only one, but two horse inspection at the World Championships in jumping – and today, the second took place ahead of tomorrow’s individual final.  

Unfortunately for Yuri Mansur from Brazil his horse, the 15-years-old QH Alfons Santo Antonio by Aromats, did not pass. It means that he will not participate in tomorrow’s final. After yesterday’s round Mansur was placed 7, with a medal within range as he was placed with only 5.65 faults, while the 3rd best rider is placed with 3.35 faults.  

The other 21 horses shown at today’s inspection passed and is therefore ready for the final tomorrow at 14.00.  

In the lead is Swedish Henrik von Eckermann with King Edward by Edward with only 0.58 faults. He is sharply followed by his teammate Jens Fredricson with Markan Cosmopolit by Cohiba 1198 with 2.71 faults. Third best is Belgian Jérôme Guery with Quel Homme de Hus by Quidam de Revel.  

Starting list for the final HERE 


Swedish gold in Herning

Late night riding here in Herning and an amazing ending in the Agria FEI World Jumping Championship presented by Helgstrand for teams. The Swedish team secured the gold medal even before their last rider was going into the arena, so it was a safe spot for the anchor Peder Fredricson riding in Stutteri Ask Stadium tonight. He got 12 faults, but even if his result would have counted, it would have been a win for Sweden – and that says a lot – they were out of reach today. Adding the World Championship gold medal to last year’s gold medal from Olympics in Tokyo.

“This week went fantastic for us so far. A championship is always a roller-coaster, it goes up and down, and you are counting the faults, but I think even with Peder’s score we would have won, so I cannot complain”, the Swedish Chef d’Equipe Henrik Ankarcrona said. Besides Peder Fredricson, the Swedish team was Henrik von Eckermann, Malin Baryard-Johnsson and Jens Fredricson.

Second today was the Dutch team, who made their way to the podium with four good rounds today. Jos Lansink, who trains the Dutch team was really happy with today.

“I am very happy. When we were halfway through today, we thought that the qualifier for Paris was very far away, but after Jur’s round with 2 time faults, it looked better again and then when Harrie did a fantastic clear we had a chance to get a medal. That we finished second was a nice bonus”, he said. The top-5 from the team competition secured their spot for Paris. The Dutch team was Sanne Thijssen, Maiken van der Vleuten, Jur Vrieling and Harrie Smolders.

Third and thus bronze winners were the British team with 2 experienced riders and 2 younger riders participating. Ben Maher delivered 3-top performances so far, 22-years-old Joseph Stockdale finished off with a great round, 23-years-old Harry Charles did an amazing clear today and Scott Brash supported the team with amazing rounds both at day one and two. The British went all the way from a 6th place to the podium with their rounds today.

The Swedes ended with a score of 7.69 faults, the Dutch with 19.31 and the British with 22.66 faults after 3 rounds counting in the team championship. Getting a spot for Paris was beside the 3 medal takers Ireland and Germany.

In the individual championship it is also looking really good for Sweden, who sits on the two best positions going into the Agria Super Sunday, where the individual final will take place. It is Henrik von Eckermann with King Edward by Edward in the lead with only 0.58 faults in total. He is followed by his teammate Jens Fredricson and Markan Cosmopolit by Cohiba 1198 with 2.71 faults.

“It was amazing winning today, really good. My horse jumped amazing again today and I am looking forward to Sunday. The Swedish supporters are always amazing, we have a fantastic crowd with us”, Henrik von Eckermann said today.

In third position, going to the individual final is Belgian Jérôme Guery with the beautiful stallion Quel Homme de Hus by Quidam de Revel. He has 3.35 faults with him.

The top-5 individually is only separated with the faults equivalent 2 once fence down, so if the Swedes want to make sure to stay in top, they need to keep jumping high and deliver clear rounds. 25 riders are going into the individual final, and the currently number 25 has 11.38 faults, so it is so close. If a rider from the top-25 decides to not participate in the final the next rider in the ranking will be asked.

Team result.

Preliminary individual standing.


Let the jumping begin

35 nations are gathered in the jumping championships today. 22 of them are participating in the team competition. The team competition medals are given on Friday, while the individual final is on Sunday.  

Today all the jumpers have trained in the Stutteri Ask Stadium, where they got the chance to jump on a course with 8 fences, among other the water jump and a double. They were not forced to ride all the jumps, so some of the riders only took a few. Most of the horses looked in top shape and it will for sure be exciting to see who will become the new world champions in this discipline.  

The home nation performed super in the training, but the competition is hard with favourite nations like Sweden and Germany looking good – and in jumping everything can happen. So, keep your eyes open for the coming days of jumping.

The British team, including Scott Brash, looked like they are in perfect shape. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen

The first rider in the competition is from Mexico, the host nation is riding as team number 20, while it is Sweden who is finishing as the last team out of 22 teams participating. Besides the teams there are some individual riders participating in the championship and in total 103 riders are participating in the championships. The Danish national coach Bo K. Møller is happy about the draw: 

“We are glad that we do not have to ride as number one, but if it had been the reality, we had kept our head high. Starting as number 20 gives us more peace, so all the Danish riders can watch some riders compete before going to the warmup themselves. We are feeling ready for tomorrow and all the Danish horses jumped very well at the familiarisation today.”

Emil Hallundbæk with Chalisco from the Danish team. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen

The team starting order:


2. Spanien 

I3. Irland 

4. Belgien 

5. Australien 

6. Tyskland 

7. Holland 

8. Columbia 

9. Norge 

10. Storbritannien 

11. Frankrig 

12. Brasilien 

13. Italien 

14. Canada 

15. Israel 

16. Østrig 

17. Argentina 

18. Schweiz 

19. Japan 

20. Danmark 

21. USA 

22. Sverige

The full starting list with individual riders for tomorrow’s speed competition HERE


Andreas Schou – No. 37 in the world 

Eight Danish dressage riders can be found on the top 50 on the FEI world ranking in dressage.

But Denmark also does well in jumping. Andreas Schou is ranked number 37 on the updated list from August.

He reveals this himself on Instagram.

“Made it to page 1 at the World Ranking List. No 37 in the world now. So thankful to our entire team @absolutehorses And off course the horses that has done all the nice results taking us here ”

Andreas Schou has been selected to represent Denmark at the World Championship in Herning.

Hööks is investing in the FEI World Championships

The special tickets will optimise the experience for guests. The best seats at Stutteri Ask Stadium are designated the exclusive areas Hööks First Class Area and Hööks Business Class Area, and those seats also serve as partout tickets for those who want to watch all World Championships competitions in Dressage and/or Jumping. These were the first tickets to go on sale, and the partout tickets for Dressage are sold out, but there are single tickets left.

The two areas have been created to allow the audience to have a very special experience inside Stutteri Ask Stadium during the Dressage and Jumping competitions. The World Championships on Danish soil is the largest equestrian event to date in Denmark, and the Organisers experience great interest in this 4-discipline World Championships (Dressage, Jumping, Paradressage, and Vaulting).

Get pampered at Höök’s First Class Area
The seats at Höök’s First Class and Business Class Area are reserved on the long side, close to the arena, seats which are considered to give the best view at the stadium.

Casper Cassøe, who together with Jens Trabjerg is behind Herning2022, says: “First and Business Class each have their own entrance, with their own toilet facilities.”

There is extra pampering for the guests in Höök’s First Class Area because here a light catering is included on the competition days. The ticket also comes with a goodie bag with World Championships merchandise and more. “If you choose Hööks First Class tickets, you can stay inside the stadium and in the associated lounge area. There will be free access to the daily menus and to coffee, beer, water, and house wine,” Casper Cassøe explains. It is a luxury ticket to the World Championships experience. “We will of course make sure that Hööks Hestesport is visible in the area, and guests in the First Class Area can also look forward to a gift from Hööks in their goodie bag. We are pleased that Hööks has chosen the World Championships in Herning to make their commitment to equestrian sports in Scandinavia visible,” concludes Casper Cassøe.

Joachim Höök, CEO of Hööks Hestesport. Photo: Hööks

Hööks Hestesport is Scandinavia’s leading company in the equestrian industry and has a wide range of products for riders, horses, and dogs. The company has 61 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland and also offers e-commerce. Joachim Höök, CEO of Hööks Hestesport, is pleased with the fact that Scandinavia is hosting the prestigious World Championships, and he sees great opportunities for his company in the collaboration with Herning2022: “The reason we participate is to get more visibility at the best competitions. Our commitment to Herning2022 is well connected with our ambition to increase our sales and presence in Denmark.”

The World Championships opens with Dressage and ends with Jumping

It is Blue Horse FEI World Dressage Championship Grand Prix Team competition presented by Helgstrand, which opens the World Championships in Herning on 6 August. The Team competition in Dressage ends on Sunday 7 August, while there is a Grand Prix Special for the top 30 on Monday 8 August. And then the Dressage competitions end on Wednesday night in floodlight with the Blue Horse FEI World Dressage Championship Grand Prix Freestyle competition presented by Helgstrand, an atmospheric evening for Dressage fans.

The showjumpers will occupy Stutteri Ask Stadium from Wednesday 10 August with the Final of the Team competition, Agria FEI World Jumping Championship Team Final presented by Helgstrand on Friday 12 August under floodlights. And it is the Individual Jumping that concludes Herning2022 on 14 August during Agria Super Sunday.

Ticket Herning2022


Herning2022 – sets a new benchmark for how to approach sustainability for large events

The fact that Denmark has at all been awarded the World Championships for four of the equestrian disciplines is an achievement, as many other much larger countries applied for the honor of hosting. But an ambition for a more sustainable approach to the World Championships helped to decide the choice in Danish favor.

This means that the Organisers and partners behind the FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 have set a towering level of ambition when it comes to developing the event’s sustainable profile.

– We have simply turned it upside down in relation to how most people approach the work with sustainability. Instead of just looking for where we can do it “less bad” environmentally, we look for where we can do “more good”. We want to create lasting positive impacts. We have made a calculation for the amount of CO2 that the World Championships will emit, so we had a starting point, says Jens Trabjerg, one of the Organisers and continues:

– Our approach is that we seek to make positive contributions wherever we can. Hopefully we can help inspire participants, the audience and the press and get people to take greater responsibility for our planet.

Stutteri Ask Stadium at Herning2022. Photo: Herning2022/Ridehesten

An inspiration

Sport Event Denmark is present when large, international championships are to be held in Denmark, and they are a partner at the event. The organisation has a great focus on green development:

– Sport Event Denmark will, together with Federations and host cities, show how we in Denmark can take the lead and host international sporting events and at the same time push for green development. The World Championships in equestrian sports is a long stride ahead in many respects, and we use this event as an example for inspiration for other event organisers, says Lars Lundov, director, Sport Event Denmark.

A special mindset

The high ambitions for the new approach to sustainability have created a very special mindset in the entire Herning2022 organisation. The employees, who work every day to first and foremost create a fantastic equestrian show, always have sustainability in mind. The Organisers have decades of experience in equestrian sports and in arranging championships, and it is a new challenge for them to “think green”.

But within the equine world, the ambition to contribute positively has become more and more clear.

It is estimated that the World Championships will emit around 4,000 tons of CO2, not including transport from participants and guests, and by choosing green solutions whenever possible and buying off setting credits, the event will be CO2-neutral. In addition, 20 hectares of forest are planted in collaboration with Herning Municipality: VM-Skoven, which during this century will bind approx. 12,000 tons of CO2.

– The Organisers’ special focus on sustainability fits very well with Herning Municipality’s strategy to create responsible development and growth for the benefit of a richer nature, a cleaner environment and to reduce the climate impact. I am very happy about the positive legacy that the World Championchips will leave in Herning Municipality in the form of the forest. VM-Skoven will give the municipality’s citizens many new and beautiful nature experiences, says Mayor Dorte West from Herning Municipality.

Three overarching principles

Jasper Steinhausen is responsible for the sustainable efforts and the calculations. The effort is based on three general principles (see fact box). He explains:

– We focus on how we can create lasting positive impacts even though an event like this is temporary by nature. We will use Herning2022 to engage our participants, guests, and the community around us to make better choices, so that together we make the world better in the future. Specifically, we have, for example, collaborated with MCH Exhibition Herning on waste management and sorting as well as catering, which future events will benefit from, Jasper Steinhausen says.

– The second principle is to think circular. We will buy recycled solutions whenever possible and make sure that products and materials are re-used after the event. We will rent or borrow instead of buying new.

The third principle is to integrate sustainability in the dialogue with the many suppliers that a large event such as Herning2022 requires.

– Sustainability is a natural part of our dialogue with partners and suppliers, so together we raise the bar.

Jasper Steinhausen also acknowledges that there will be areas where Herning2022 will be challenged.

– It may be due to unavoidable requirements for equestrian competitions at this level, what is available, qualities, finances and what is doable in time before the World Championships kick off in August. But we will, as much as possible, go for a solution that considers the environment, quality, deliveries, and the overall economy.

Jens Trabjerg. Photo: Henring2022

Before, during and after

When 200,000 spectators, 1,100 media people and approx. 200 million TV viewers in August 2022 turn their attention towards Herning and Denmark, they will not only get to see one of the world’s biggest sporting events – they will also be inspired to think new thoughts and maybe create new habits. There will, for example, be sustainable merchandise, clothes for volunteers etc.

The judges will sit in the judges’ towers of recycled wood, and Denmark will be promoted as a green nation on Solution Square, an area dedicated to Danish environmental technology and circular initiatives.

– And after the world championships, the VM-Skoven will be a green and lasting legacy for Herning2022. It’s a green way to say thank you, and our goal is to move people and make the world better after Herning2022, says Jens Trabjerg.

Facts about Herning2022

FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 will be held from 6 to 14 August 2022.

There will be competitions in four disciplines: Dressage, Jumping, Para Dressage and Vaulting.

The Organising Committee behind the Championships in addition to VM Herning 2022 ApS, are also the public partners, Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality and Dansk Ride Forbund (Danish Riding Association).


Herning2022 will create a new benchmark for sustainability at major sporting events.

3 principles of sustainability

  1. Seek positive ripple effects
  2. Think circular
  3. Engage all suppliers in a dialogue on sustainability.

Examples of initiatives

  • Easily accessible off-setting solutions for the participants of these World Championships, and as inspiration for future sport events
  • Collaboration with MCH Exhibition Herning on waste management and sorting (10 fractions) and catering
  • Base materials half rented, and half produced for the purpose. The new one will be used for many years to come at local riding facilities.
  • Judge towers are made of recycled wood in collaboration with local production schools and are guaranteed an after-life locally.
  • VM-Skoven as a permanent legacy for Herning2022.