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2 times Gold for France

It has been an amazing day in Jyske Bank Boxen with fantastic vaulting at the world championships. The finals for the individual vaulters were on for both the women and men. And boy, did they deliver. 35 ladies and 16 men was all dressed up to rock the arena with their beautiful and creative freestyles.  

The new queen of vaulting 
We knew she was good, coming to Herning as the world’s number 1. Manon Moutinho from France. Through three fantastic rounds she kept her cool and delivered on the highest level possible earning her a very well-deserved gold medal.  
“I haven’t realised yet, that I won! It is amazing! Today I had to work a bit more in the arena, because my horse was a bit more nervous. But I’m so happy with her, she did a great job. And I’m so happy with all my rounds!” the gold medalist said after her win with her horse Saitiri and the overall score of 8.963.  

Julia Wagner from Germany took the silver medal with 8.529 at her first international championship.  
“I can’t believe it. It’s amazing. It was a little shaky today, and I had a bit of luck. But it has been a really good competition for me, so I’m happy”.  

Bronze for the host nation 
For the Danes in Boxen it was a fantastic experience watching the Danish vaulter Sheena Bendixen win the bronze medal in her final competition as a vaulter and the tears would not stop flowing.  
“My beginning was not so good, but I fought with everything I had and came back. I’m so proud and so happy”.  

WAUW Lambert 
In the men’s competition we witnessed artistry at work. The reigning world champion, Lambert Leclezio, went into the arena as the last vaulter knowing he had the gold in sight. Jannik Heiland from Germany had delivered a fantastic new freestyle taking the second place in the competition with 9.100. And Lamberts countryman, Quentin Jabet, did a 9.032 in his freestyle, putting all the pressure on the sympathetic Frenchman running into the arena. But Lambert showed no signs of pressure in his freestyle with his horse Estado working beautifully underneath him.  
“The horse was so good and has been good in all the rounds. So I was more confident going into the last round with less stress. I took my time and just enjoyed it. We have worked so hard, and I’m very happy. It was amazing”, Lambert said scoring an amazing 9.567 giving him a total score of 9.399. 

Silver for France and Bronze for Germany 
Quentin Jabet looks very much like the new heir to the throne of vaulting with three lovely rounds at this championship. 
“I’m here in Herning with a whole new team and this was our first championship together, and today we just worked so well together, so I’m so, so happy with our performance, and happy about the silver medal!”, a very happy Quentin said after scoring a total of 8.837.  

For Jannik Heiland everything was open going into the final round with five of the male vaulters having a score of 8.5 with them from the first two rounds. But he showed us a stunning freestyle with an exciting theme getting an overall score of 8.833.  
“My round today went very well. I wasn’t nervous going in. I really like my theme and the music, so I just wanted to enjoy it, on my once in a lifetime horse, Dark Beluga. It’s been fantastic”, the proud bronze medalist concluded.  

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