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Mansur not accepted for the final

To safeguard the welfare for the horses there is not only one, but two horse inspection at the World Championships in jumping – and today, the second took place ahead of tomorrow’s individual final.  

Unfortunately for Yuri Mansur from Brazil his horse, the 15-years-old QH Alfons Santo Antonio by Aromats, did not pass. It means that he will not participate in tomorrow’s final. After yesterday’s round Mansur was placed 7, with a medal within range as he was placed with only 5.65 faults, while the 3rd best rider is placed with 3.35 faults.  

The other 21 horses shown at today’s inspection passed and is therefore ready for the final tomorrow at 14.00.  

In the lead is Swedish Henrik von Eckermann with King Edward by Edward with only 0.58 faults. He is sharply followed by his teammate Jens Fredricson with Markan Cosmopolit by Cohiba 1198 with 2.71 faults. Third best is Belgian Jérôme Guery with Quel Homme de Hus by Quidam de Revel.  

Starting list for the final HERE 


Swedish gold in Herning

Late night riding here in Herning and an amazing ending in the Agria FEI World Jumping Championship presented by Helgstrand for teams. The Swedish team secured the gold medal even before their last rider was going into the arena, so it was a safe spot for the anchor Peder Fredricson riding in Stutteri Ask Stadium tonight. He got 12 faults, but even if his result would have counted, it would have been a win for Sweden – and that says a lot – they were out of reach today. Adding the World Championship gold medal to last year’s gold medal from Olympics in Tokyo.

“This week went fantastic for us so far. A championship is always a roller-coaster, it goes up and down, and you are counting the faults, but I think even with Peder’s score we would have won, so I cannot complain”, the Swedish Chef d’Equipe Henrik Ankarcrona said. Besides Peder Fredricson, the Swedish team was Henrik von Eckermann, Malin Baryard-Johnsson and Jens Fredricson.

Second today was the Dutch team, who made their way to the podium with four good rounds today. Jos Lansink, who trains the Dutch team was really happy with today.

“I am very happy. When we were halfway through today, we thought that the qualifier for Paris was very far away, but after Jur’s round with 2 time faults, it looked better again and then when Harrie did a fantastic clear we had a chance to get a medal. That we finished second was a nice bonus”, he said. The top-5 from the team competition secured their spot for Paris. The Dutch team was Sanne Thijssen, Maiken van der Vleuten, Jur Vrieling and Harrie Smolders.

Third and thus bronze winners were the British team with 2 experienced riders and 2 younger riders participating. Ben Maher delivered 3-top performances so far, 22-years-old Joseph Stockdale finished off with a great round, 23-years-old Harry Charles did an amazing clear today and Scott Brash supported the team with amazing rounds both at day one and two. The British went all the way from a 6th place to the podium with their rounds today.

The Swedes ended with a score of 7.69 faults, the Dutch with 19.31 and the British with 22.66 faults after 3 rounds counting in the team championship. Getting a spot for Paris was beside the 3 medal takers Ireland and Germany.

In the individual championship it is also looking really good for Sweden, who sits on the two best positions going into the Agria Super Sunday, where the individual final will take place. It is Henrik von Eckermann with King Edward by Edward in the lead with only 0.58 faults in total. He is followed by his teammate Jens Fredricson and Markan Cosmopolit by Cohiba 1198 with 2.71 faults.

“It was amazing winning today, really good. My horse jumped amazing again today and I am looking forward to Sunday. The Swedish supporters are always amazing, we have a fantastic crowd with us”, Henrik von Eckermann said today.

In third position, going to the individual final is Belgian Jérôme Guery with the beautiful stallion Quel Homme de Hus by Quidam de Revel. He has 3.35 faults with him.

The top-5 individually is only separated with the faults equivalent 2 once fence down, so if the Swedes want to make sure to stay in top, they need to keep jumping high and deliver clear rounds. 25 riders are going into the individual final, and the currently number 25 has 11.38 faults, so it is so close. If a rider from the top-25 decides to not participate in the final the next rider in the ranking will be asked.

Team result.

Preliminary individual standing.


Maher rides for medals with his second choice

Lots of people were looking forward to watching Ben Maher in action with his super horse Explosion W by Chacco-Blue, who he won Olympic gold last year. A few days ahead of Herning2022, the British rider had to face the fact that Explosion was not ready.  

“Explosion was not at his peak fitness, which it demands to ride a big championship, and therefore it was a last-minute decision to bring Faltic to Herning”, Maher says. Therefore, the 12-year-old Faltic HB by Baltic VDL is the one competing with the British rider here in Herning.  

Even though it was Ben’s second choice, it turns out to be a great choice, because Faltic and Maher are among the best in the championship so far. The combination is after the first 2 rounds placed preliminary as number 6 individually, only 1.76 faults behind the leading combination from France.  

“My horse jumped even better today. He gains confidence the more times he jumps in the same arena. Yesterday was a perfect round but a bit rushed, today we could ride like I wanted to. It was a difficult, but good course”, Maher said after his ride yesterday.  

Later today, the British rider will compete along with 63 riders. At 21.00 CET it is time for the team final. The team final will also decide which 25 riders will get a spot in the individual final at Agria Super Sunday. The British team is preliminary placed number 6, but only once fence separates them from the 3rd best nation. A medal is just within reach for Maher both in the team competition and in the individual ranking.  

Source: FEI/Herning2022

Louis is the man behind the jumping course in Herning

Dutch Louis Koninckx is far from an unknown quantity in show jumping. He has designed courses for the biggest championships and has a clear idea of what he wants to achieve with each course.

His resume as a course designer includes the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam and the 2017 European Championships in Gothenburg. In addition, Louis was a technical delegate at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

Around 12 months have been spent finding a suitable theme and designing obstacles for this World Championship on Danish soil.

The theme is based on Danish design and culture, and the obstacles reflect both the Marguerite, several of Hans Christian Andersen’s adventurers, and Louis’ own favorite jump, Nyhavn.

The World Championships focus on sustainability, which is why the new obstacles will be distributed to Danish riding clubs after the championships, where they will live on for many years.

Outstanding Swedes in the lead

103 riders from 35 different nations and 22 team-nations started in the first competition of the championships, and what a competition. All the riders really did all they could to deliver a great round, and the reigning Olympic champions from Sweden ended doing best. With Henrik von Eckermann and Peder Fredricson delivering perfect clear rounds, and with Jens Fredricsons round added from the first part of the competition the Swedes once again manage to ride into the top of a championship.  

“It was a really great start for the team, and we are in the lead position after today, but it is a long week so we will take one day at a time”, said Peder Fredricson, who is individual placed preliminary as number 4. The Swedes are for sure a top showjumping nation with a gold medal from Tokyo last year, a silver medal from the last world championships and lots of great results both individual and for teams.  

It is also looking really good for the French team who is just behind the Swedes. Even though Kevin Staut was unlucky to fall of his horse during his ride, the team result ended up well. Just behind the French team we find Belgium, a very strong team where all four riders delivered almost perfect rounds today.  

“I made my own plan since my horse has small strides, but today she had bigger strides than normal, so we went as fast as possible without going crazy fast”, Nicola Philippaerts said after his ride. He is the best placed Belgian rider after today, as number 7.

A Frenchman in the lead individually 

It was not only the team results the riders were riding for today, because the competition is also a part of the individual championship. It was French Julien Epaillard who was the fastest today. With his horse Caracole de la Roque by Zandor Z he managed to stop the time at 79.08 seconds, just a bit faster than Scott Brash preliminary placed second and Martin Fuchs preliminary placed third.  

“I had a good start and my horses felt super today. We had planned and I followed the plan, and my horse jumps everything with great scope. Sometimes she reacts to the audience, but she was felling super today”, Julien said after his ride.  

British Scott Brash was also superfast today with his amazing gelding Hello Jefferson, who he finished 7 on at the Olympics last year. They were less than half a second below Epaillard and is therefore bringing only 0.23 faults into tomorrow’s competition. Within the fault-difference of one fence, 37 riders are placed, so everything can happen in the individual championship as well.  

Emil Hallundbæk with Chalisco. Photo: Herning2022/Stefan Lafrentz

Home nation rode for a good start 

It started out looking good for the home team starting with two clear rounds delivered by Lars Bak Andersen and Emil Hallundbæk. Unfortunately, Linnnea Ericsson-Carey had problems with the open water, and Andreas Schou had unluckily two fences down after such a great try around the course. The home nation is placed as number 16, but everything is open until after tomorrow, where we know for a fact if the home nation will get a spot in the top-10 final Friday. Emil Hallundbæk is best placed home rider with only 3.13 faults from today’s competition.

Lovely course

The course designer, Dutch Louis Konickx and his team of assistants, including the Dutch Quintin Maertens, did a great job building todays course. During the course, the riders had to jump three doubles, but no triple, as we often see in the championship courses. It was designed to make the riders ride forward and turn, exactly like a speed competition should work out. A lot of the riders gave their compliments for the building. 

“It is a beautiful arena, and it was a great course today. The course designer did such a good job”, Brazil’s Pedro Veniss told today after finishing of a fast round with one rail down.  

Tomorrow the team championships as well as the individual championship continuous. It is tomorrow we will find out which nations there will participate in the team final on Friday, which is open for the top-10 placed nations after tomorrow.

Preliminary result individuals. 

Preliminary result teams.


Let the jumping begin

35 nations are gathered in the jumping championships today. 22 of them are participating in the team competition. The team competition medals are given on Friday, while the individual final is on Sunday.  

Today all the jumpers have trained in the Stutteri Ask Stadium, where they got the chance to jump on a course with 8 fences, among other the water jump and a double. They were not forced to ride all the jumps, so some of the riders only took a few. Most of the horses looked in top shape and it will for sure be exciting to see who will become the new world champions in this discipline.  

The home nation performed super in the training, but the competition is hard with favourite nations like Sweden and Germany looking good – and in jumping everything can happen. So, keep your eyes open for the coming days of jumping.

The British team, including Scott Brash, looked like they are in perfect shape. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen

The first rider in the competition is from Mexico, the host nation is riding as team number 20, while it is Sweden who is finishing as the last team out of 22 teams participating. Besides the teams there are some individual riders participating in the championship and in total 103 riders are participating in the championships. The Danish national coach Bo K. Møller is happy about the draw: 

“We are glad that we do not have to ride as number one, but if it had been the reality, we had kept our head high. Starting as number 20 gives us more peace, so all the Danish riders can watch some riders compete before going to the warmup themselves. We are feeling ready for tomorrow and all the Danish horses jumped very well at the familiarisation today.”

Emil Hallundbæk with Chalisco from the Danish team. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen

The team starting order:


2. Spanien 

I3. Irland 

4. Belgien 

5. Australien 

6. Tyskland 

7. Holland 

8. Columbia 

9. Norge 

10. Storbritannien 

11. Frankrig 

12. Brasilien 

13. Italien 

14. Canada 

15. Israel 

16. Østrig 

17. Argentina 

18. Schweiz 

19. Japan 

20. Danmark 

21. USA 

22. Sverige

The full starting list with individual riders for tomorrow’s speed competition HERE


Tina Lund: It’s nice being back on the team

Tina talked about the disappointment of not being able to compete at the ECCO FEI World Showjumping Championship herself, moving back to Denmark, and what we can expect of the danish showjumping team.

We also talked with ringmaster Patrick Bosman.

Tina Lund in Riders Corner

Andreas Schou – No. 37 in the world 

Eight Danish dressage riders can be found on the top 50 on the FEI world ranking in dressage.

But Denmark also does well in jumping. Andreas Schou is ranked number 37 on the updated list from August.

He reveals this himself on Instagram.

“Made it to page 1 at the World Ranking List. No 37 in the world now. So thankful to our entire team @absolutehorses And off course the horses that has done all the nice results taking us here ”

Andreas Schou has been selected to represent Denmark at the World Championship in Herning.

Get ready for Herning2022 with the special edition Riders NOTEBOOK magazine

In the occasion of the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning, we have published an online special edition of the Riders NOTEBOOK magazine for you to enjoy and get closer to some of the amazing riders competing at the World Championships!

The magazine covers an exclusive mix of the very best articles with prominent riders from our archives combined with new interesting articles and portraits for you to get closer to some of the Danish as well as international riders. Enjoy an interesting read about Sweden’s Queen of show jumping Malin Baryard Johnsson, Ingrid Klimke’s road from eventing to dressage, the para dressage medal hopes, Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour and Cassidy’s story – and much, much more.

You get 100 pages of exciting reading for you to get completely ready to watch world-class dressage, show jumping, para dressage and vaulting over the next 10 days in Herning!

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The footing is ready for world-class equipages in Herning

The wait is finally over! In just a few days, the ECCO FEI World Championships will take place in Herning with 10 exciting days of dressage, jumping, para dressage and vaulting. After years of preparations, the arenas are finally taking shape.

We have visited the show ground in Herning during the constructions of the footing. Watch the video of Jesper Møller and Kim Mertz below as they explain the thoughts behind the footing where 1100 equipages are going to perform during the World Championships. They also give you an exclusive insight into the different aspects they have taken into consideration in order to create the best conditions for the world-class horses.

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They are working hard in Herning!

Next week, years of planning and anticipation culminate when the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning finally opens the arenas. It means 10 days with the world’s best equestrian sports and lots of entertainment. Both for the visitors but also for all of you at home.

We have visited the showground in Herning and in the video below, Casper Cassøe explains, among other things, how big the horses’ boxes are, how many tons of sand are used for the arenas, where you can find the big screens and where you can shop.

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